The Young Business Explorers project seeks to train pre-university students in the necessary competencies when we talk about entrepreneurs. For this, a first phase is scheduled in Secondary Education Institutes, in which those interested in participating must form teams of three or four students.


These teams will have access through an online platform to a series of training materials (ideas generation techniques, economic viability, marketing, image development, customer segmentation, distribution channels, etc.) and a Business Plan template through which, through blocks, they will develop and build their business model related, for this edition, with the tourism sector as protagonist although you can choose the sector that you like.


In a second phase, a Commission will evaluate the projects submitted and will select from among all those 10 projects that stand out for their originality, functionality, problem solving and/or economic-financial viability. The final day will be held presencially at the Universitat Jaume I, where throughout the morning in the development of the III Conference Young Business Explorers will take place two communications of two young entrepreneurs alumni of the UJI and oral presentations (pitch style, maximum 6 minutes) of the finalist teams will be made The program of the Conference will be presented shortly. "


At the end of that session, each team of "explorers" will select their favorite project, thus we will nominate the three winner teams of the 2019 edition of the "Young Business Explorers" initiative.







What is YBE?