Competition Rules




Young Business Explorers is an initiative born with the vocation of promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of young people at different educational levels. Specifically, in the framework of actions included within the project: "Promoting values ​​and entrepreneurial skills at different educational levels", led by the educational improvement group EDUFIN of the Universitat Jaume I and in collaboration with the company Foehn Desarrollo, this contest is launched aimed at students of Baccalaureate and Vocational Training, with the aim of improving skills and personal growth favorable to entrepreneurship.


• Support the development of entrepreneurial skills through the simulation of business projects that contribute to economic and social development.
• Foster the entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovative initiatives from the early stages of the idea's maturation.
• Value the important role of training in the creation of new companies.

All those students of baccalaureate or of intermediate training cycles who wish to present an innovative idea endorsed by an entrepreneurial project with possible economic-financial feasibility will be able to participate. The participants must be grouped by teams composed of 3 or 4 students. Each group can only present a single entrepreneurial project through the platform Pre-registration is required prior to the participation of the contest (pre-registration form). Participants must access this form and include their names, the center to which they are assigned and the name they attribute to their entrepreneurial project. This project's identifying name will also identify each group of 3 or 4 students in the activities that are carried out, in the publication of finalists and for the purposes of certifications. After this pre-registration process, a username and password will be provided to access the virtual platform. Once each team has been authenticated, the different phases following the sequential indications of the platform until completing the business model according to the proposal. With this the participation will be completed. The teacher who supervises each project is invited to accompany the students, in case they are selected as finalists to attend the III Young Business Explorers Conference that will take place at the Universitat Jaume I (UJI).

Among all the applications submitted among all the participating centers, the committee will evaluate the proposals according to the scale presented in section 6. Among all the proposals presented, the 10 best entrepreneurial projects will be selected as finalists. Each member of a finalist team will receive a UJI welcome gift and a participation diploma with mention of finalist project for participation in the final phase of the III Young Business Explorers Conference.
The three final prizes will be attributed to the three best entrepreneurial projects among the 10 finalists that will be presented orally. Being 3 winning groups (formed by 3 or 4 students) being chosen by the finalists themselves. A popular vote of each project will be carried out and in case of a tie it will be submitted to the criteria of the experts and mentors applying the scale presented in section 6ª within the Contest Rules. Each final prize consists of a set of UJI gifts in addition to the Diploma that certifies the mention of the winner of the contest. Each participating center will receive certification, as well as teachers whose students participate can obtain certification upon request. Specifically, the professors whose students are nominated finalists will receive a UJI gift that will be given to them at the Universitat Jaume I on the day of the III Young Business Explorers Conference.

Pre-registration and participation in the Young Business Explorers Competition is free and can only be done on the website, using the pre-registration form. Pre-registration is required prior to participation. The maximum term to present each entrepreneurial project is April 8 (until 2:00 p.m.). Expected deadlines:

• Start of deadline to send proposals: March 18.
• Deadline to submit proposals: up to 14h. from April 8.
• Publication of the finalists: April 9.
• III Young Business Explorers Conference, final phase of the competition that will take place at the Universitat Jaume I: April 12.



The procedure of concession will be the one of competitive concurrence, procedure by which the concession of finalist projects is realized by means of the comparison of the applications presented, in order to establish an order of precedence of among them, according to the criteria of valuation established in the 6th base, awarding those that have obtained the highest valuation in application of the mentioned criteria.

In order to evaluate the submitted proposals, the following evaluation criteria will be taken into account:

- Originality of the idea and its potential implementation (up to 25 points)
- Information that supports the viability of the business (up to 15 points)
- Adaptation of the idea to the sector and / or social aspects (up to 10 points)

The projects will be evaluated by a Valuation Committee formed by members of the Educational Improvement Group EDUFIN and members of Foehn Desarrollo as a collaborating company of the contest.

The education improvement group EDUFIN of the Universitat Jaume I and the collaborating company Foehn Desarrollo are committed to maintaining confidentiality about those projects that do not win. Likewise, the contest may be freely disseminated and its finalist participants informed, and the authors of said projects may be cited in various media in order to give visibility, transparency and dissemination to the competitive bidding process.

Participation in the Young Business Explorers Competition implies the full acceptance of these rules and the decision of the Valuation Committee for the projects declared as finalists, as well as the final decision to award the prizes.
Any breach of the deadlines or procedures reflected in these rules will deprive the participant of the right to submit an application as well as the enjoyment of the prizes.


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